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Today's card is the DOORWAY, within the The Spirit Oracle Deck it's one of 3 cards that represents house or home energy. The strength of this card would be determined in a full reading by the influence of other cards, but as a single card it carries lots of foundation building, strength and security.

it brings thought about creating change, whether this change is regarding the running structure in how the home is manage, (people moving into the space or leaving it). A home is like an engine we want it to run sweet, though at times this may not be the case.

Or change of home itself (thoughts or feeling regarding setting up a new home, new area) , so suggestion of house move.

This card wants to counter attack elements of tension, friction, bringing peace and balance back into harmony.

RED. It's also a red card, for me red is a bit like a coin, 2 sides so indecisive.

One side all positive in bringing strength, determination, positive mind set, passion and love.

While on the other side of the coin it represents tension, friction, conflict, feeling stuck or unsettled, which needs to be removed.

Purpose of a Day Card, is to bring thought or greater awareness regarding certain matters/situation, whether this is direct for you or indirect meaning other people around you.

PG. xx

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