A day of private readings and healing, situated in the beautiful little village of St. Cleer, Cornwall. Situated on the edge of Bodmin Moor, a land of mystery and magic.

Today’s Card ENERGY.

Take time for you, we spend most of our time giving and not necessarily receiving. We all will experience moment of feeling tired and drained. Be aware of the energy flow leaving our body due to personnel challenges of ourselves or other around us. Take time to sit for just a moment and pull  some energy back for you without feeling guilty or wrong in doing so. PG.  xx

Christmas Free Giveaway.

This original that I’m still putting the finishing touches to will be placed in to a draw for Christmas. PG.  xx

Today’s Card THE WISH

The energy of the wish cards is to bring to the attention of what that WISH or WISHES actually is. The card want to provoke thought into germinating the seeds of our wishes into growth within the physical world. We will soon be entering into a New Year, this period leading up to that is a time for preparation in what we want to bring about. Power of thought can start with a WISH in creating that. PG.  xx


The art of communication comes in many forms, from the very first moment you walk through the door it begins, first impressions go a very long way. Take a moment to stop and view how others may see you, the key to opening doors does sit to some degree with connections to people. It not always what we know but who we know. PG xx

Wholeness ~ Day Card 19/10/2017

Today’s Card WHOLENESS. The energy of this card wants to ask or question what would be needed in your life to feel fulfilled. ( this is not for people who’s live very very full filled already. ) To feel whole or complete, to take away the questions of what if or what isn’t ???. To feel settled and not Restless. PG. xx

Card of the Day ~ Healing Hands

Today’s Card HEALING HANDS. This card is all about higher vibrations. The higher our energy the greater the immune system is. The greater our coping strategy. We can deal with and address challenges head on. Because this is the MAIN HEALING CARD in Deck, I invite you to put the names of anyone who maybe in need of healing, always include yourself. The collective consciousness of people working together is one of the most powerful forms of healing. Sweet Blessings PG. xx


We should alway have a goal or a dream in life, something that excites or stimulate ones mind in creating.

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