Artwork by Patrick Gamble  Written by Steve Hounsome.

The cards present a strong elemental influence together with a beautiful expression of the wonder of nature, beings seen and unseen, and a sense of oneness in all life.

The Gamble-Hounsome Tarot allows the user to respond to the images in their own way, whilst embracing the profound truths and teachings at the heart of traditional Tarot.

It is this that leads us to learn our own GNOSIS (knowing) of each card.

The book include a unique method of working with the deck, known as the Gnosis Reading. This enables the user to access their own inner knowing and wisdom. Then follow the guidelines to apply this to everyday life.

Entering the Gamble-Hounsome Tarot is a journey into a world of wonder, beauty, inspiration and positive possibilities, drawn from both its unique imagery and therapeutic teachings.

The Gamble-Hounsome Tarot Deck. THE TAROT OF GNOSIS.