Patrick London Transformation  Conference (300x400).jpgSometimes life gets a little too complicated or difficult for us and we feel the need for a little guidance to help us through the obstacles and challenges that are being put into our path. A clear, objective and spiritually guided perspective on one's situation can help us pinpoint our struggles and mistakes and find a way out of the maze, give us hope and renewed zest and above all, help us understand that we are the creators of our own future.

Patrick offers psychic readings, spiritual life coaching and spirit guide paintings in person, by phone and through Skype.

Spiritual/Psychic readings in person/through skype or by phone: *

  • 30 minute ~ £30 per person
  • 45 minute ~ £45 per person
  • Psychic Painting with Approx 20 minute Reading ~ £70 per person

* Please be aware that we may adjust prices for fayres, depending on overheads.

Spirit Guide Painting & Reading through Skype, by phone or postal:
(this includes packaging & postage cost for your spirit guide painting for UK only)*:
£70 per person (the cost for postal charges is added at the end through paypal, which is £8.25)

Patrick is also happy to come to your home and offer Spirit Guide Party Readings in the privacy of your own surroundings. Charges are £60 per person, per hour, with a discount for the host. Minimum number of participants is 6 per day, and he can manage up to 8. Depending on how far he has to travel, there might be an additional charge to cover petrol & overnight stay. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs & ideas.

* Extra costs will apply for postage outside of the UK, please get in touch with us beforehand, so we can find out what the postage would be.

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