November 10th 2016


Good morning All,

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” 
― Eleanor Roosevelt

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.” 
― Walt Disney Company

“Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.” 
― Lance Armstrong

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Wishing you all a beautiful day xxx

~ Consciousness ~

Ideas, dreams, thoughts, inspirations, flourish, growth, action, encouragement.

Bringing your thoughts, dreams and inspiration through from one consciousness into another, from the realm of the subconscious and dreams into the realm of physical reality and conscious thought. 
This is about an idea that has been lying dormant within the darkness of our mind. Now is the time that we must bring it into the sunlight in order for it to grow. To plant the thoughtful seeds of ideas so that they may be nurtured and moulded into form and shape, encouraging them with love and care to strengthen and finally flourish. 

~ Black ~

The perception of black very much lies with the belief of the particular individual… some perceive black as a very protecting colour, whilst others will see it as the root of all evil.

Black is created by blending all the colours together. Whilst white will reflect all colours, black tends to swallow it all up into a great black hole of nothingness. Whilst white reveals, black will conceal, hide away and cover up, literally like the heavy, velvety, hooded cloak. Black is the colour of intense fear and worries, when there isn’t any light around to guide us. All our fears descend upon us all the heavier during the long, dark of night, when there is no light (hope) to put heart into us and see the tiniest, positive note within the wider scheme of things.

Black withdraws, refusing to take stand or be noticed, it is the colour of secrecy, and, in a negative light, furtive energy. Black is the colour of the dark goddess, the new moon, and the energies of the earth and the fertile soil. It is the energy of gestation and preparation.

You should use black when:
- you want to become inconspicuous and blend into your surroundings
- want to emphasise that you work with (dark) goddess energy
- you want to protect yourself from harmful energies.

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